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yes I know I can use ZNC, irc cloud has the nicest (and open source!) mobile apps for IRC

so I can now use irc cloud on my phone and textual on my computer and if I need a web browser occasionally that


I did in fact just make the arms meme about paws

@ me nerds

tbh tho I did and still have enough trust in the open source community for it not to happen tho

sometimes it's wild how I used to add random ass ppa's back when I used ubuntu when those could be hijacked at any point for nefarious software

today I learned about a2eonmod

and give it 20 minutes and I will forget about it

turns out, I now have something to spend my evening doing

you ever break Wordpress during a os upgrade?

other things I appreciate about this podcast 

I'm thinking about maybe doing an icecast stream later idk,I want to get into doing like internet radio music stuff

I just gotta figure out a way to make this nicely embed onto a website

I got a memory foam cushion for my chair today and omfg

my butt has never felt better

I literally have no local friends who are into halo but I am 150% happy going by myself lol

I think my birthday present to myself is going to be going to the Halo Outpost Discovery thing

I said fuck it and left the chat with no good exit

there truly is no good way to leave a group chat with people you see everyday that you don’t want to be in

I want things but also don't need them and this is why I haven't built a gaming pc yet

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