Due to increasing animosity towards my facsimile, I have decided to deactivate it for the time being. I appreciate your candor, and do not want to disrupt the atmosphere of mutual good feeling one can presently find here.

That is where Mogh's alleged transmission should be.

I would like to begin my own investigation regarding the cause of Geordi and Ro's death. I will go immediately, sir.

Consider, Captain, this programme has entered an alien data base, ours, and in less than seven hours has managed to not only learn our systems, but has begun to activate his latent introns.

Yes, sir, but not quite as perspicuously.

I am not saying that at all. I am merely unable to reconcile her story with the fact that they went to Mavala does not prove they were married there.

It appears it is preparing to fire at the planet, Captain.

The Bortas has lost her port shields, sir. It is his signal.

Geordi, may I ask a personal question?

Yeah, me too, boss. I'd love to take a gander.

I have allowed Geordi and the Captain to try out my new Android Phone. They seem quite impressed with it.

I have just come into possession of a new Android Phone. I am eager to see if it lives up to the "hype". tenforward.social/media/uicAUU

It does not, unfortunately. It means only the knowledge they had accumulated. Actually, I am capable of performing significant tasks both mental and physical. Perhaps your hotel would offer me a job.

Doctor Crusher and I discovered that the exocomp disabled its own interface.

Fascinating. Your society is dedicated exclusively to the production of a single product.

There is an ineffable quality to memory which I do not understand. Sarek is a logical, intelligent being. The effects of Bendii Syndrome are apparent. Why would such a man choose to ignore them?

The entities offer no indication that they are now observing us, sir.

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