Contrary to popular belief I did NOT "forget" the pass code to my secure social media console. I simply was too busy with "real life" to deal with you clowns

@quark but can I put a picture of a hot girl on it? that's an important feature, maybe in my top three

sorry I haven't logged on in a while. damar installed a great new winamp visualizer so I've been a little distracted

Very excited to be the new dictator of the cardassian empire. my first law: Benjamin Sisko is now my best friend and is required to invite me to play the human game of "basing ball"

I fell on my back while wearing my armor and lay there waving my arms and legs in the air for several hours

how to meet girls
how to meet girls in space
how to make girls like me
mirror universe sexy
how to be friends

yummy mummy goes for a very high premium on cardassia prime and no one knows why

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Refused to buy that fixer-upper klingon warship until I noticed the previous owner had left behind two open boxes of novelty cereal from five years ago

@quark @chiefmilesobrien i can bring my men over to liven up the place. i guarantee they WILL get rowdy

@garak I don't think my truly sincere interest in bajoran culture could possibly be misconstrued. Unless people think I am just doing it to get babes, which I am not. anyway I need a good shirt to wear when I call Major Kira at 0300

@garak if you're subtooting me you should know that the only reason i'm following you is because i need to keep an eye on you. also i need a nice bajoran-style shirt, do you have any of those

@guinan you know, just one of many worlds with multiple searing death suns. my scales are getting an amazing sheen

taking a spa day on a horrifying god-forsaken desert planet 🐍🌞

@DS9 @guinan no need to be cheeky, you know as well as I do that you are stocked with fire extinguishers. But we used up most of them before we left by spraying them at Odo, Bajorans, and each other

Bajoran girls are really into contact juggling, right?

i wear this armor all the time because im afraid to get too close to anyone. also because if i take it off while on duty i will be killed

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