And now, a collection of (aka ), part 1 of many:

The 7th daughter of the 7th daughter is psychic.

Step on a crack and you break your mother's back, step on seven and you set it back.

A whistling girl and a crowing hen are sure to come to no good end.

If a quickened baby moves first to the left, it's a boy, if on the right, it's a girl.

Kissing a red-headed person will cure fever blisters.

If you bite your tongue, a bee or wasp can't sting you.

part 2 of some:

Eat greens at New York for paper money all year. Black eyed peas for pennies. If your first visitor of New Year's Day is a man, your year will be lucky, if it is a woman, it will be unlucky.

Dreams of death is a sign of birth.

If someone makes a mark across your path, it's bad luck to step across the mark.

Shaking hands with a cross-eyed person is bad luck.

Turning away stray cats is turning away good luck.

part 3 of some:

If you get your belly wet while washing dishes, you'll marry a drunk.

If you walk over a fresh grave, walk over it twice.

When it rains with the sun out, Lucifer is beating his wife.

Roosters crow at midnight on Old Christmas

Rain before seven, clear at eleven.

The number of foggy days in August is the number of snows in the winter.

Never cut tinder from trees struck by lightning.

If you kill a frog, your cow will milk blood.

part 4

If a horse has 1 white leg, look at him if he has 2, try him, if he has 3, buy him, and if he has 4, leave him alone.

Bite a mule's ear to tame him.

A spotted pig has sour meat.

Plant cucumbers the first day of May before the sun rises.

Corn thick with silk means cold winter.

If you leave home and return to get something forgotten sit and cross your legs before you leave.

Headless Hattie rides on full moons.

poor red-headed person getting all those blister kisses...

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