I got a DM about saying "weave of events," to refer to the past and I want to bring attention to the more common idiom, "tapestry of history," which is itself a derivative - wait, disclaimer, I'm not a scholar in this field, this is from my memory of self-education - a derivative of "weft and warp of history,"

Weft and warp are the two directions cloth goes in weaving - warp is held under tension by the frame, and weft is the fiber get gets threaded. (1/n)

Now, if you think about it, this is a cool way of talking about history, because it implicitly divides it into a dichotomy: the warp, things that just Are. storms, earthquakes, plagues, and weft - the choices and decisions humans make to navigate the warp.

History, holistically, is the result of the two being bound together - it is a tapestry of the inevitable and the choices that motivated. Pretty cool idiom, huh? "tapestry of history"

Now I'm thinking about this and I wonder if history, as a linear narrative, could be described as humanity taking warp and making it weft.

@emsenn I think you're heading toward existentialist territory here. If the fundamental struggle for an individual is to determine the meaning of their life, what if history is a collective version of the classic existential quest?

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