I think the thought I'm internalizing today is, "Given the apparently impending nature of the next election cycle, I need to prioritize fleshing out and living up to how I want to communicate online. all evidence I know says that decentralized federated platforms are going to be even more exploitable than legacy social media, by those who will be seeking to exploit online platforms, and no one in those platforms' communities seems to respect that, and most believe the opposite, eesh."

Eh I already don't like this post - or at least, I have a criticism of it. "Platforms' communities." I mean the development community, not the instance administration community. There, I have seen an unusually high level of consideration. However, I don't think ANY level of instance-admin consideration is enough to sway things - it needs to be the only conversation happening across the platform. But some of the instance admins I know here? They're really willing to lean, and know a lot already.

@emsenn idk, you might need to say it before you figure out how to say it perfectly.

I feel the need to boost the OP, but I've held off since you seem to still be thinking it through

@emsenn well, they'll be more exploitable for stirring up sentiment. they should be less exploitable in the sense of denying access; in the next US election cycle, probably most of the election will be won by getting your opponents' ads and supporters banned from social media

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