@codewiz For sure! But - excuse the fearmongering - at what cost? We're legit training several generations across multiple continents to rely on Internet feedback for shaping and reforming how they think about things, "you've seen headlines about war with russia 10 times today, post your own opinion or feel invalid." We've already seen how far folk will go to maintain being accepted into their group, and I think you'd agree digitial communication is in its earliest days.


> only poetry and literature would be published.

I'd think of it as, "only those would reach the highest tier of publication," because I have to think even in golden Athens, there were shitpost memes being scrawled on scrap paper.

I'll bring it back around to econ since that's about where we started: barriers of entry are generally detrimental for participants in a market, but beneficial for the quality of product. (cont'd)

@codewiz When the "market" is "improving everyone's quality of life," it may be a net good to raise the barrier of entry to improve quality, since everyone, even those excluded from participating directly, still see the benefit.

(Put another way, there's a reason we like representative instead of direct democracies*)

(*actual representative democracies, lol.)

Good night! sleep well.

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