Three wooden pin folk in front of a painted background. Hurray for cheap crafting supplies!

@emsenn along these lines, as a kid i used to make little figures out of pipecleaners, wooden beads, and felt. you twist a couple short pieces together to form the trunk/legs and then wrap another one around the top for arms.

i seem to remember i got started with this because i wanted little dudes to crew the little wooden boats i was always obsessively making. i think there was a whole high fantasy narrative to go with.

@brennen Please tell me you just took this photo because you still have these around ^_^

(all my art and stuff is within my fantasy canon, too! which makes me feel a bit silly as an adult but *shrug*)

@emsenn i do in fact. i have a shoebox labeled "pipecleaner people" which happened to be on a shelf within easy reach of the computer.

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