Star Trek "fans", 2-1 years ago: "I don't like Discovery it's too DIFFERENT even though it's p much just a modern take on the production style of TOS. I want more like TNG, even though there's fanservice shows and even The Orville on air."

Star Trek production team: *listens to criticism, fires showrunner, puts a new crew in charge*

Star Trek "fans", today: "I don't like Discovery, it's boring and just more of the same, just TNG with new cast and fancier effects."

You wanted this! Watch it.

I was /fantastically/ excited about DIS season 1, and the showrunner, who's name I forget, but who wrote a bunch of the novels and clearly had a plan for linking DIS into the pre-TOS era.

And then... y'all got him fired. And now I just see y'all, the same folk who complained about how shiny DIS S1 was, complaining that DIS S2 is bland.

Y'all! What do you think these thinkpieces and reblogs and shit do, if not send signals to content creators?! You did this! It's your fault DIS is a bad show!

@emsenn you can't ever make someone happy. sequels and reboots are competing against a version of their older forms that only exist in our own minds as the reactions we had to those shows or movies when we were younger and less discerning and bear little relationship to the original properties themselves.

@checkervest I just don't take it takes MUCH self-awareness to avoid that, though. Like, shit, check your FB On This Day, see how you complained that it wasn't a monster of the week show? And see how today, you are complaining that it is?

Yea, rosy retrospective, all that, but some of these nerds are just being contrarian dicks and it's hurting my ability to get the TV I genuinely do want, not just think I want because I"m a reactionary shitheel.

:D (Not @ you, to be clear)

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