Back in the fall I built my yard debris up against a little concrete wall that protects the elevation of my* property against the easement behind it - was about 2x5x3'. Yesterday I churned it - and some clay that was abducting through the topsoil - onto the ridge above the wall, and it measured 3x5x3.5'

Went out today and it was 3x5x1.5 - shrunk nearly a foot in height just settling and drying out in the spring "heat."

my = maintained by me, i'm a serf, basically.


Also there are so many worms I might have to take up fishing just to not feel like I'm wasting my, eh, comparative advantage, but also, can I eat the fish I fish around here? I know Duke has fucked up a lot of our waterways.

@rubah SO MANY I had to stop naming them so now they're all "Harvey"

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