cleared about 6 sqft for carrots, didn't take as long as expected. TBH not gonna be able to do much more gardening until next spring, without buying soil and i object to that when there's debris around to be composted.

(Collected a bit more debris into the compost pile, too - small branches and such from the easement)


I wanna complain again about WOW it's hard to dig into soil when you can't properly use your knees/legs.

Ended up sitting on my butt in the dirt using a little handspade to break up the gravel/clay some by hand, then switching to a large spade to scoop it into a broken wheelbarrow i found nearby in a bush. Churned it with some of the leaves from the deep side of the compost pile, all slimey and wet from being under other leaves all winter, and filled in the hole with the mix. Threw down carrot seeds, watered, and then threw down some dry leaves to cover the plot.

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