I have the time, energy, weather, and daylight to do more yard work, but due to an inactive winter, my hands are already on the edge of blistering.

I'm gonna do the adult thing and refrain from more outdoor work, but might go work on my laptop outside.

@trini Mhm, I just gotta use my hands/arms to generate a lot more torque than normal because of my leg mobility issues, and I don't have THAT much practice doing this stuff with my current set of handicaps. I'll improve form (and develop callouses) by the end of the week I'm sure.

Thanks for asking though!

@emsenn Ah, OK. A good pair of gloves are another one of those tools I didn't figure out was really important for, uh, too long.

@trini I'm terrified of a scrap on a knuckle leading to an infection that'll cause arthritis even if only for a few months, so tend to be good about wearing gloves, even if not to prevent callouses.

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