The folk on reddit who hop on the threads about people cleaning up trash to complain that people are just resharing photos of cleanups they did in the past are the worst sort - like oh noooo someone's sharing pictures of a good deed they did for fake internet points.

Go pick up trash or shut up.


Reddit is such an unhappy place.

I have a theory about one of the reasons why.

There are no avatars, only usernames.

If someone has a picture of their cat as their avatar or something it is harder to get angry at them then if they are just some vague account name you don't even bother to read.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Interesting! I try to make reddit a better place because it seems like it's very influential on its users - I use /r/all to see what online normies are talking about, and will just like, explain trivial stuff or ask clarifying questions.

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