I might livestream later just because I feel like I haven't talked to "the Internet" as an abstract in a bit.

@brandon Boiling water for instant ramen now, maybe 15-20 minutes to peck at that, so would start anywhere from 40-60 minutes from now.

@emsenn Darn, just in time for my partner to get here! :P

Maybe they'll be okay with me chatting with you regardless while they do some homework

@brandon I gotta figure out a good setup for livestreaming non-computer stuff too because like in the spring/summer/fall I'm just... not at my computer that much if I can help it.

@emsenn Same here. I hear there's this thing called IRL. It's like this really active setup that requires a lot of exercise. It gets really complex though the further you go in it

@brandon Problem there is then you don't get the easy socialization unless the people you know IRL are into being outside, and the ones I know aren't and working in my back yard isn't a good way to meet new people.

@emsenn I know what you mean though, and I can only imagine your predicament. Without a "workplace" and some other reason than "I'm your building manager" to meet people, it's hard to find IRL people to socialize with.

What about starting an LUG or some other sort of club?

@brandon I've thought about starting to do routine D&D stuff but tbh my whole "lifestyle" is new enough to me that I don't wanna pile on more than the necessities, even if that does leave me feeling fairly starved for conversation.

It's taken a season and change, but I am getting used to living full days without telling anyone what I'm doing or what occurred, though, so maybe it'll work out; when I'm ready to socialize more it'll be because I need it, not because it's a habit, y'know?

@emsenn Have you been doing this on purpose to break old habits or has it just happened that you've lost interest in social media as a whole?

@brandon Sorry I'm not talking really about social media but real-world socializing.

It hasn't been purposeful, I just found myself getting ready for bed and realizing I hadn't had an opportunity to talk about my day with anyone. For a while that bugged me, so I posted about my day in the Fediverse but that wasn't the same, and now I'm busier so don't do that even.

It still bugs me, but, less and less.

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