Painted up a wooden box that's the perfect size for holding 6 1g vape cartridges.

@emsenn hhnng that actually looks really nice :P Better than my tacklebox that holds my drug cannabis paraphernalia

@brandon Thanks! its meant to look like from clouds up to space on the lid. Doesn't quite, but I like it anyway!

(Most of my stuff is in a plastic container, trying to find the Just Right box for it.)

@emsenn I didn't see it until you mentioned it (mostly the perspective) but now I do and the effect is super cool 👌

@brandon I love the aesthetic slowly developing in my apartment. It's hard to capture it with pictures but for example I've started labeling some stuff with masking tape written on with a thick marker in my best gothic font - lemme


@brandon Thanks! It's a lot easier to write that way than you'd think! Except for some letters, which are IMPOSSIBLE.

@brandon Oh good point - yes, it's trivial to do IF you have the right tools, and pointless to try if you don't.

@emsenn I have a calligraphy pen but nothing super fancy. I can barely write my name XD

@brandon I'm pretty sure your first name has every kind of stroke most forms of script would use so it makes sense that it'd be hard.

@emsenn XD I tried to learn it for an ex, I could write her name (5 characters using sigoa (not in that order)

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