Wha'ts the first episode of Deep Space Nine I should show to my friend who has so far seen TOS "Balance of Terror" and TNG "the drumhead" "elementary dear data" "cause and effect" and "remember me" and loved all of those

scrolling through the list on wikipedia

and i'm leaning toward "paradise"

But also tbh really struggling to find an epsiode that doesn't make me go "eh, after he's seen these other episodes first"

@emsenn yup! imo the best episode of that series by far.

@emsenn Rivals, Duet, Profit and Loss, Blood Oath, Rules of Acquisition, Whispers, Captive Pursuit, and The Nagus are good stand alone-ish early episodes. In the Hands of the Prophets is technically part 1 of 4 with the next 3 opening season 2, but it’s another good early one that works on its own.

@emsenn Trials and Tribble-ations is also one that’s very easy to get people hooked with

@emsenn Duet is the best place to start, other than the pilot. there are episodes I like better overall but they all benefit from more context or aren't representative of the overall show.

@technomancy @SelfsameSynonym ended up watching the pilot since their other friend canceled on them! Took them a bit to get into it (they'd never heard of the ferengi, and didn't follow what was happening with wolf 359) but by the end was like "WOW best intro of a protagonist" and v hype

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