Did you know surprise fire marshal inspections are a real thing and they're as terrifying as they seem on tv?

@emsenn You should ask @liaizon, they have been recently forced to move after a surprise fire marshal inspection.

@hypolite Fuck! I retract all my complaining, I just got yelled at for a while and have to install some flanges. @liaizon

@emsenn @hypolite I just had ten days to move the last 3 years of my life. flanges sound fun!


@liaizon ...woah that sucks. I hope new properties are accommodating to that emergency circumstance. @hypolite

@liaizon I understnad the logic of "don't let people live in unsafe places" but do not understand how we have a society with that rule but also rules that you can be kicked out to no where if your place is unsafe and then put in jail for not being in a place, like, it all seems very incongruent and poorly thought out, for being a crucial part of our society. @hypolite

@emsenn @hypolite “your house is unsafe > live in the street > your not allowed to build a structure > go to jail > live in a structure that’s uncomfortable and costs tax payers much more then it would to build you a fucking house” this system is great!

@emsenn @liaizon The assumption is that if you die under a crumbling/burning building not up to code, it costs more to the state than if you go to jail for a while. Not necessarily in direct costs, but in unearned potential productivity as well.

@emsenn @liaizon @hypolite i'd argue that it's entirely congruent and pretty well thought out if you understand that "because fuck you, that's why" is the overriding logic of the situation.

i don't think these things are conspiratorial in nature - they're sort of emergent - but an important part of what they emerge from is a structure of power grounded in the threat of precarity.

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