I updated yesterday

I'm bringing together a lot of what I've learned about web design and handling projects with Org-mode to get it done, read about it here

See the source here

@emsenn What's the logic behind the 'Git to Sourcehut to Gitlab to Netlify' sequence?

Why not Git to Gitlab to Netflify?What does Sourcehut provide in the operation?

@letthewatersroar I like Sourcehut as my online interface for my Git repos and it's the interface I use myself for it - I only use Gitlab because Netlify only works with three git forges.

I'd rather change Netlify than Sourcehut.

@letthewatersroar A lot of the specific implementation is really rough and tumble, since I'm going into what is fairly uncharted territory - the broad strokes I like, but a lot of the specifics bug me.

I think it also probably seems horribly convoluted for such a small amount of content, but I don't plan on it staying a small amount of content for very long.

@emsenn I think it only seems convoluted because you're using a less common toolset, and therefore require a few extra steps.

And thinking about scalability early on is 100% the right thing to do. Better to set everything up now into a workflow you enjoy and accomplishes what you plan to, than have to keep refactoring as you go, slowing down the actual content production.

@letthewatersroar I agree - and yeah, that's kind of what I was trying to say - right now there's more steps to making the website than there are pages on the final website, but that's not likely to hold true for very long.

@letthewatersroar I wanna draw special attention to how much I appreciate you saying this. A lot of folk ask questions about how I'm doing things that are kind of leading, from the supposition that I must be doing it in some sort of silly or stupid way.

So I appreciate you assuming that, given I talk about this all the time, I'm probably making my choices based on /some/ sort of reasoning. :D


But also ot be clear I think I /am/ doing it in many silly stupid ways, I think I could probably do everything literally inside Org-mode with elisp source blocks and get my final product with way fewer tools.

But I don't know how to do that, right now, and I do know how to do this! And I'm surprised at how little I have to rehash my old work when I learn new org-mode stuff.

@letthewatersroar Like it naturally is quite functional and therefore modular, so it's pretty easy to change a given part of the stack - say, adding back in hugo - without needing to like, completley rewrite all the content.

@emsenn it looks really good! I really like your main font's italics.

@acdw it's whatever your default browser or system font is, so I'm glad you like it! ;)

@acdw lemme know if you do.

it's funny, I get compliments on the font I use fairly often - like, it's one of the more complimented parts of my websites, alongside my link styling...

...which i think just shows how webdevs should probably stop taking font choice away from their user.

@emsenn true, true! I've been thinking about that a lot lately as well actually

@emsenn saw the mention of a custom email domain in your post. out of curiosity, what software do you use to run / manage your email? i've been thinking of setting my own email at a custom domain too

@lidar I've been really happy with Fastmail! Easy to set up, functional Android client.

@lidar Also, I like their webUI - it can be a bit more minimal than lots of other ones, which I appreciate.

@emsenn thats quite interesting, i might try them out then
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