I updated yesterday

I'm bringing together a lot of what I've learned about web design and handling projects with Org-mode to get it done, read about it here

See the source here

@emsenn it looks really good! I really like your main font's italics.

@acdw it's whatever your default browser or system font is, so I'm glad you like it! ;)

@emsenn saw the mention of a custom email domain in your post. out of curiosity, what software do you use to run / manage your email? i've been thinking of setting my own email at a custom domain too

@lidar I've been really happy with Fastmail! Easy to set up, functional Android client.

@lidar Also, I like their webUI - it can be a bit more minimal than lots of other ones, which I appreciate.

@emsenn thats quite interesting, i might try them out then
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