@brandon And personally, I wouldn't mention liberals at all, when there are literal fascists marching around because of the same thing. Like, a water leak at my sink and a water leak at the treatment plant might both be caused because of shoddy maintenance schedules, but one of those is affecting a whole lot of people and the other just... isn't, really. It might in the future, or could in a different reality, but again, our reality has actual fascists so uh. Address that.


@brandon Also even though you've changed it, applying the analogy to your sentence results in, "If you, [an LGBT person,] identify strong with [that identity], oftentimes an attack on [LGBT identities] is perceived as an attack on you."

Yes. That's an accurate perception; I can't think of a sitaution where someone is attacking LGBT gender/sexuality theory isn't attacking those people Example:

"People who go by the name Brandon are incapable of feeling love."

Was that a personal attack?

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