@brandon Sorry, what I mean more directly is I wonder what their electrical use is, and what that means given the average power plant's co2/wh rate.

@brandon For example, sitting "idle" with me using it as a text editor, my desktop+monitor pull about 80 watts, while my laptop pulled about 11 watts.

That's, if I recall, about a difference of ~0.02g an hour, or ~0.16g over a day, or ~58g a year.

Which isn't much, but that's still 58g of wasted energy, just because I'm typing into one computer instead of another.

@brandon (And honestly, I use my computer much more than 8h a day.)

Now acknowledge that multiple people in the world are using computers that draw more power than they need to idle: think about how many workstations you handle for your job, you listed it on your profile recently, it was legit dozens.

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