Looking up hugo and webmentions/indieweb, I keep running into your name. Before it was just emacs-related. :-)

Did you get webmentions to work with hugo? What do you as backend code? Go, elisp? I'm just reading up on it, and so far it looks a bit messy, all of it.

#indieWeb #emacs

@Qwxlea @kaushalmodi for lifewithalacrity.com I used webmention.herokuapp.com (It shows them with js) see lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/t for a post with mentions. That's a decent starting point before you move to building them into the pages

@kevinmarks @kaushalmodi

Thanks, will read tonight. The whole indieweb thing looks great, some things seem incredibly simple, like rel=me. Others look complicated. Like webmentions.



There are multiple aspects to "Indiewebifying" your site.

@kevinmarks: Correct me where I am wrong below.

1. #IndieAuth: You have a website be *you*, YOUR identity. That's where rel=me comes in. For lazy folks like me, I identify myself and link that to my GitHub profile.

2. #Microformats2: This makes your web pages parseable by the Webmention endpoints (like webmention.io, that heroku app, etc.)


@Qwxlea @kevinmarks

3. #Webmention endpoint setup: This is where you start receiving webmentions. PHP folks are known to create their own end points and host them. I use #Netlify that can host only static sites (no PHP scripts, etc.). For folks like me (who don't have experience with PHP, etc. and cannot host such scripts), webmention.io is a boon!

With that set up, you can start receiving wm's, *but not yet display anywhere*. You can access them by browsing to webmention.io dashboard.


@Qwxlea @kevinmarks

4. Showing Webmentions: The popular way to to embed JS/iframe to show webmentions from the wm.io or heroku app wm endpoints. I did not want to use JS. So I developed this JSON parsing flow using #Hugo that I mentioned earlier[0].

[0]: mastodon.technology/@kaushalmo


@Qwxlea @kevinmarks

5. Sending Webmentions: The easiest way is telegraph.p3k.io/. You basically mention where you are sending the wm from and to whom. For my site, I use this Go template[0] to auto-set the "from" part to the page URL.

There's lot more in the #Indieweb world which is out of my reach and understanding (micropub, microsub, etc. which requires you to deploy on servers allowing scripts to run; Netlify won't work.)

The indieweb IRC is very helpful.

[0]: gitlab.com/kaushalmodi/hugo-th



You are welcome! Just curious.. that's a really old toot, how did it surface now? :)


@kaushalmodi It's pinned and I went to your profile.

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