So, Kev over at FOSStodon put out a statement about how he didn't know snowflake was a slur. But his language really reinforces that he still thinks this is a "both sides" issue, where people are being overly sensitive. Take a look:

For comparison, here's my write-up about a very similar sort of person, who doesn't own their own service:


What a joke. 1/n

@emsenn I agree with your overall take, but I do think the "what have I learned" section is not too bad. It addresses my main concern which is "Kev does not take the CoC seriously and will not enforce it".

@gcupc I also like that section, I just don't think any of what he learned is really relevant. Like that's great he learned people view snowflake as a slur.

In his own words, "I do not apologise for the message, however poorly it was expressed."

He still has a problem with them, under another label, and that's what I disliked, not the term itself.


@gcupc Like it's very clear he just thinks he expressed himself poorly, and that if only people would LISTEN, they'd understand, he's right after all!

That's exactly what I gripe about in my essay - only instead of FB as a walled garden, it's a self-owned instance.

That's not... much different, in terms of social insulation.

@gcupc I think it's one of the most well-written apologies I've ever seen. The form, order of information, is all great.

But it's really dismissive of the people who criticized him... which is... what most people wanted him to apologize for... At least, I don't know anyone who was like "apologize for saying a mean word, but keep on spouting the ignorance behind it!"

So it's a weird... doubling-down on OP, from my perspective, more than a real apology.

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