many marginalized people: good white allies would leave fosstodon

many fosstodoners: But I'm a good ally, so me staying will help teach others to be good allies.

many marginalized people: holy crap i know i was real clear because you called me "mean" come on now what did i JUST say

"But people shouldn't just do things because they're told to, but because they understand why they're doing them."

Look if someone says you're standing on their foot do you step back or start to ask them about their experience with the pain?

If you're undecided about whether the oppressed or oppressor is right... why not just side with the oppressed? Literally worst case, they're wrong and so your actions are useless in fighting oppression. What's the worst case of supporting oppression?

Another nuance this is I think it shows JUST how convicted they are behind the belief "I am a reasonable person."

They think they're SO reasonable that they can argue people out of opinions *they hold themselves*. That if they just put in the work (does this also touch on "total work"?), they can make things better. It doesn't take action, or decisions, just... debate and reason.

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@emsenn I wonder what the intersection looks like between that group and the people worried about omnipotent AI?

@RandomDamage Oh no, it is so related:

Their "debate and reason" approach? That's "finding the truth with democracy."

That is exactly how AI operates; and their fears are exactly what we're criticizing in their approach: bias in inputs must mean the output, if not the functions implemented to work with them, are inaccurate.

@RandomDamage Apologies if you've seen it and I sound like a broken record, but this piece i did recently touches on this sort of approach to the exploration of truth:

And, as the title says, why I cannot trust it. Not that I'm suspicious, but quite literally, there is no basis upon which I can build trust, as there is no truth to the things they say.

@emsenn I was thinking rather in terms of "they are convinced that their debate and words are more powerful than they are, so they fear entities that can only act with words and debate and might be better at it than they are".

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