> 'consistency across environments' is exactly the problem for these guys, they have different needs

I really wish more devs and web designers understood this and stopped trying to force people to view their GUIs / websites the same way


@grainloom @enkiv2

so many people: "Wow I love the font on your website!"

me: "that's your system's configured font. I'm glad you like it!"

@emsenn @grainloom @enkiv2
Yeah, absolutely. My take on tabs vs spaces is basically that, no matter what the reason, a code author shouldn't be able to boss code users / readers around, & accessibility is just an elevated subset of that.

@emsenn @grainloom @enkiv2

IMO, being able to specify individual fonts in CSS is a mistake. A competent web designer/developer should be able to manage with generic font families.


@emsenn @grainloom @enkiv2

That's a fair point, but speaking as a web developer who sometimes gets stuck wearing the designer hat I don't think specifying particular fonts is the answer to nobody having good fonts for the <fantasy> family. Chances are the fonts I specify for <fantasy> text won't be installed on most machines, either; should I inflict an extra megabyte or two of font downloads on people just so my site looks just right?

The end doesn't justify the means.

@starbreaker er to be clear I don't actually specify people download any fonts on my websites I just am saying that by not doing so, I do have an impediment, I don't use the fantasy font family because it's often just impact font or similar on people's machines. @grainloom @enkiv2


I didn't think you yourself were, and I'm sorry if I implied otherwise. I was speaking toward a general tendency in webshit to insist on a particular font even if it means having to download that shit from Google or Adobe.

I've been sticking with serif, sans-serif, and monospace because I haven't found a use for the other families, but if I want to use fantasy on my own site I will. If that renders as "Impact" on the client, that's /their/ problem, not mine. :)

@grainloom @enkiv2

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