Hey. Look.

When I'm saying things about people on FOSStodon, or other sorts of folk. These aren't "assumptions."

They're "conclusions." They are reasonable inferences based on my experience and knowledge and their actions and statements.

What /they/ present are assumptions, based on their reactions to how my words make them feel. By calling my opinions assumptions, they attempt to level the one playing field on which I have any power over them.

This was inspired by this amazing thread: dragon.style/@packbat/10240657

Which said a lot of things that I've danced around but never said or read so clearly.

@packbat I really appreciate not just what you said but how you constructed it.

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@emsenn Full disclosure: I myself learned to recognize the pattern of conclusions being misrepresented as assumptions from a blogger I used to follow, Fred "Slacktivist" Clark: patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/

...but thank you muchly. I'm glad to have been of service. 😃

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