Y'all remember how draining it was to read 1984? I mean here's this dude who's every interaction is rife with subtext, and he just... can't help but see it. And it's weighing on him, and it weighs on you. What follows his indoctrination in Room 101 almost feels like a relief in comparison.

That weight, that inexplicable subtext, is felt by all those who aren't in the privileged class.

This lesson in empathy brought to you by the letter A for Apply your education.

It's interesting to me that this OP, about how draining 1984 is, was not engaged with when I posted it about 2 days ago.

I'm inclined to wonder if that isn't because more people who can't escape this conversation are feeling the weight of it.

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I'm kinda' tired of that book and *Handmaid's Tale* as shorthand for all the good dystopian fiction there must be out there. I mean, they're all right I guess but the hype is overwhelming and off-putting, and both writers did stuff which speaks to me personally a lot more.

(Also Atwood's a piece of shit.)

@xenophora Sorry, this was part of a series of toots @ white dudes going "look, you were taught this shit as a child. I'm not just saying you're as ignorant as a child: you're even worse."

@xenophora do you have a specific recommendation for a novel that goes "the words you think with limit how you think" in such a heavy-handed way?

(I believe there's probably equally useful texts but I genuinely don't know of any. This isn't meant to be a leading question.)


I remember being very moved by Piercy's *Woman On The Edge Of Time* , but I don't know if it's held up. We can change so much (for good or ill) as the decades roll by.

@xenophora Thanks for the answer; I'll add it to my list!

@emsenn The pessimist in me says "1970s Feminism" must mean there's some transphobia in there that college-age me would not have noticed. But I don't know much about Piercy the human being so maybe I'm wrong...

@xenophora Ahh good context to have before I start though.

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