Hey if you're a member of a privileged class and have benefited from mine or anyone else's commentary trying to provide information on our opinions or perspectives on issues: let us know!

You don't have to - and probably shouldn't - tell me YOUR opinion - keep that to yourself until you've chewed on it some.

But please let people know their posts help you! A lot of folk I've chatted with privately express being tired, and being very thankful for the messages they get thanking their efforts.

(p.s. i promise I'm not boosting this to fish for compliments, I've seen many of you scamper off to compliment other folk which is really the intent here.)

@emsenn and what they should do is throw money at you.

@maloki That's quite true!

(Especially because people who throw money at me right now are actually helping one of my tenants who's life is, well, falling apart.)

@eliotberriot Thanks for saying so! I've also benefited from reading your work and also, seeing just how trivial it can be to put notions into a proof of concept. Really made it clear to me I didn't need to be so forgiving of "but the tech is hard!" when I hear it from people who mean, "but I don't wanna work to make tech benefit others!"

@emsenn it means a lot, I didn't know I had this impact on you either, thank you for sharing!

@emsenn hey, I think I have thanked every post that helped me specifically to figure something out or to make sense of some sparse thoughts but I'll just do it again. Thank ya :)

@ardydo You thanking me is part of why my "bye mastodon" did not last very long: you made it clear that i was not shouting into a void or speaking online to collaborators with no fruit to show for it: you made it clear my words were having an effect far past where they were directed.

So if anything, anyone who's been reading my posts the past week and change should be thanking /you/ just as much as me!

@emsenn Your posts definitely get me thinking! While I've also got the privilege to work in a diverse environment, understanding the perspective of people in very different circumstances has been good for my worldview.

@emsenn well i'm gonna give you my opinion!

My opinion is that people like you are amazing and underappreciated, and more folks should pay attention to the information that is provided.

@clarjon1 I can't help but read this in the voice of your profile picture and I"m not sure what voice that is but it sounds troubled would you like a glass of water and a hug?

@clarjon1 But also: thank you, and I agree! I have so much respect for people that, I mean, shout their experiences into our collective void. They're doing it pretty much for our benefit and I know I've benefited from it in ways that I can't even notice.

@clarjon1 I'm so scared to click this. I'm going to do it but oh... okay big breath.

@clarjon1 Wow I wasn't expecting such quality work do you play tabletop RPGs?

@emsenn I do! I also do some gta5 rp stuff via the fivem software, I like using that character voice in both.

I find the gta5 stuff a lot of fun because I don't go for the cop or crime RP styles, which most do, results in folks being very confused when they run into Old Man Gerald Who Claims He's A Wizard That's Been Abducted By Aliens And Is Also A Lawyer.

Great fun to make other people break character from laughing as he tells his tales in that voice :D

@clarjon1 Good to know! I have plans for a tabletop rpg podcast and an important part of casting is guest roles for bad guys and town leaders and such.

@emsenn Oooh, that sounds like fun. I'm gonna whip up a quick sample for you of my two faves, quiet different one.

I gotta say at first, the voice was pretty taxing on me, with me barely able to speak a sentence or two, but now I can just go on and on and on and on with it. There's a few other voices I can do, but that's definitely my favorite one. The OTHER fave is one that sounds kinda like a TTS engine, which I do by speaking while inhaling.

I'd totally be down for doing some voices for ya, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do.
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