I've finished writing part 1 of "OcapPub: Towards networks of consent", which is to say the "Conceptual Overview" section gitlab.com/spritely/ocappub/bl

There's a lot there already, and we haven't even gotten to Part 2, the "How to Build It" section yet. I'll begin work on that tomorrow.

What's here already is more or less an explanation of *why* OcapPub is taking the particular direction it is taking, and why other approaches run into serious problems.



I've got a question that I'm sure someone beside you could answer if they see it - feel free, that someone.

What's a stamp? I mean, not metaphorically, but what's the payment Bob puts on his message.

@emsenn I believe a postage stamp is meant.

@cwebber has discussed in the past systems to charge for message delivery. See dustycloud.org/blog/possible-d

Not getting specific yet. There's just the principle involved that the burden should be on the sender to get unsolicited messages delivered. There may or may not be a micro transaction currency involved. If not, Bob needs more CPU time or other resource to send. This prevents junk messages from overwhelming the system, hopefully

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