@ajroach42 wow i have a hard time defning "enjoyable"

I like the truman show, apocalypse now, in bruges, all pink panther, and i'm gonna round it out with legally blonde


@ajroach42 honorable mention for the two-season long musical tv show Galavant which is the best movie and tv show ever.

I saw exactly one episode of that and thought to myself "wow, I bet someone really loves this" before forgetting it existed.

@ajroach42 Me, I'm the person who really loves it, I watch it probably an average of twice a month and usually both seasons in a single workday.

It's honestly a great show, like, storywise, too. And the jabs at game of thrones aged really well because galavant is, now that both are done, 1000% better than game of thrones.

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