U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 


As of today, the feds can detain anyone who can't prove their residency. Due to actions the state took against me under the last administration, I cannot prove my residency.

I've been arrested, detained, and SWATted all before. I'm not worried about it happening again. What I'm worry about is this time, so many people are being detained that I won't have as easy a time getting out. 1/n

U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

Our government will move to control our Internet, and at or before that time, I will likely be moved into detention, since I am viewed as a threat to those efforts.

I don't know how much more strongly I can say it. Y'all need to stand up and buck this system, like, today.

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U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

As of today, the constitution does not apply to me. I do not have rights. I do not live under a presumption of innocence. I have no guarantee of a lawyer, or even a court date.

I, and so many other political dissidents across the country, now have no more protections.

U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

@emsenn To go with the theme of my life, aka #throwmoneyatproblems, I just donated $50 to the ACLU. Their big bold prompt on their website was specifically about fighting Trump's immigration policies. Does this help? I hope this helps.

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