@emsenn @chris @grufwub "regulation is bad, the market will take care of it. Also, we the market are refusing to do anything because the regulations don't spell out exactly what we should do"

@AmazingDoubt I can't remember the phrase but there's a growing belief among conservative economists that part of the free market's problem is that with a fully functional economy - one that provides goods and services across most needs and wants, not just wants - the Market becomes its own agent with its own motivation (profit) and beguns to guide us, more than we guide it.

Which no shit profit uber alles is sillyshit, but cool to hear (rare) conservatives say it their way. @chris @grufwub

@emsenn that is refreshing to hear. Now if only they’d acknowledge that most of the advantages of markets only function in equitable markets we might make some progress @chris @grufwub

@AmazingDoubt There are some of those too! We tend to call ourselves "leftists" because we recognize that in our leftime, a push toward collectivism might be what folk need to rekindle an interest in ACTUAL individualism, which as you say requires equal equity (and the maintenance thereof.) @chris @grufwub

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