@ajroach42 come look! I also got a lil battery pack at an outlet store my partner dragged me to, and already have a bluetooth keyboard (and wifi mouse) so all I'm missing to be mobile is a screen I can power from HDMI.

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I know someone on the fediverse sent me these stickers but I honestly don't remember who but they're great.

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Still waiting to actually get the time to sit down and USE the dang thing lol.

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I just checked my mail, and my adafruit order also came in.

I'm going to explore potential applications for this eink screen over the next few weeks. I'll let you know if I come up with anything cool.

@ajroach42 @djsundog I'm glad I got a heatsink, it idles at 63 degrees in my apartment.

It's nighttime and my partner is asleep, so the lights are off.

I've turned down the tv brightness and backlight abuot as much as they go. if i turn down contrast each letter gets an aura which i bet would be uncomfortable to look at for long.

But, as it is, it's pretty comfortable.

Also, been learning to work with lispy-mode in emacs, since it's becoming clear my personal webserver project is gonna be bigger than I expected.

@emsenn Are you using default (evil-ish) bindings with lispy or the paren-edit bindings?

@emacsomancer Default I guess. I might like the other more since i'm not familiar with vim's enough for that to help?

@emsenn @djsundog Yeah, the 3 needs a heatsink if it's going in a case/not in a cool room.

I run a couple sans-sink, but they can get up in to the 70s just idling, and I don't like it when my electronics and my room are at the same numeric temperature in two different measurement systems.

@emsenn There should be a tablet where the operating system really is Emacs (excluding the other software that is just used for bootstrapping Emaca).

@pizza_pal that's how I treated my last Chromebook and kinda what I'm making here, I have a Bluetooth keyboard and battery pack I just need a mobile screen

@pizza_pal the computer pictured here was a neat $100 for everything pictured, the monitor mouse power cables and keyboard were thrifted just for anyone curious

@clarjon1 @emsenn Can you tote a pi around a lot? Like are they rugged? I really want to get one, but I haven't had much money or time lately.

@pizza_pal It's a 3 something.

I think you could probably make one pretty rugged, I'm not qualified to answer how rugged they actually are though @clarjon1

@pizza_pal @emsenn by default, a pi is pretty much just an exposed circuit board. it's up to you to get a good case, there are rather rugged ones out there from what I've seen, both for sale and made custom by users.

@pizza_pal @clarjon1 @emsenn I guess a lot of it probably has to do with how you construct the object, like fastening the power supply & i/o devices. You typically need a heatsink too, right?

@pizza_pal Yeah but the one I got was legit like 75 cents or something and seems to do the job just fine in my un-temperature-controlled apartment. @clarjon1

@cwebber Well everything else broke so... yes! A single pi and a thrifted tv.

@emsenn Oh dang! My experience is that previous RPis are just too underpowered to really be general-purpose workstations.

@astraluma "General purpose" giving general computing habits in 2019?

I think that's probably still true of this one.

General purpose given my personal habits cultivated by years of underpowered machines?

Might be powerful enough! All I really plan to do with it is text editing and reading.

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