Hey someone @ me with that blogpost explaining how Gab made their numbers so big, with the screenshots of their forum saying they were doing it so they could say they were representative of the Fediverse.



They've probably had a huge influx from the low-life scumbag 8chan Nazis. Now that the lid to the sewer has been dropped upon them.

@LondonCalling Good notion but nah this was from when they first set up a Mastodon server, they imported all their old users and statuses to inflate their numbers.

It's true the instance is growing, and perhaps more rapidly than other instances today, but that's not quite what I'm looking at.

@Wetrix Just an FYI but a quick perusal of your profile shows that from my perspective, you're close to tipping alt-right yourself. That's great you find sites like Gab disturbing, but sites like are similar (and in fact, that one maintains a presence in the Gab community) in the important ways, and serve to normalize alt-right content and act as a funnel into further right views.


@Wetrix I know I'm just a stranger, but I'm hoping that shows the severity of lean in your posts - with just a few moments of looking, I saw two things that lean right - calling a private organization refusing service censorship, the NaturalNews link.

I'm suggesting you be a bit pickier where you get your news, so you don't let yourself get dragged any which way by "fake" news.

Sorry for the critical message; have a nice morning. 2/2

@emsenn yeah no problem 🙂 no misgivings here is all good 😊

I shall vet my news sources better in the future! Thx for pointing that out!

Have a good day to!

@emsenn hmm I read one or two articles from there on natural news and it's too out there and biased for me.

I'm more just a guess normal conservative if there's such a thing? Sex and skin color doesn't matter to me I have friends from all over the spectrum 😋

@Wetrix Good to hear that site isn't reflective of what you normally read.

I'd say that in a time when the government is becoming totalitarian, it's important that everyone who isn't actively fascist stop supporting the fascists. That means I don't think there can be "normal" conservatives, when our government is acting so abnormally: your "normal" conservativism supports and legitimizes the extreme form, and that means concentration camps and stochastic terrorism. 1/n

@Wetrix Your conservativism can certainly inform your resistance, but if you are not resistant to the current rise of fascism, it doesn't matter what you call yourself: you're a collaborator. (And the same is as true for any liberal who calls themselves such but doesn't do anything to curb the authoritarian nature of state power.)

@Wetrix (Sorry for the spiel, but you were receptive to the first bit of unsolicited criticism, lol.)

@emsenn yeah it's all good I'm always up for good convo 😁

I have to get some sleep but I'll be on later! Have a good one 😎

@emsenn never thought of it that way. I'll have to ponder that 🤔

If someone takes an ideology like Islam for example and they practice there religion peacefully they aren't supporting extremists just by existing though.

@Wetrix Except the money they donate goes to communities that without that money wouldn't have the resources to engage in terrorism. Just as money to the Christians funds child molestation, money to the U.S. gov goes toward bombing brown kids, and so on. How closely related the support is varies, but it's always there. 1/n

@Wetrix If Google includes news about the president's announcements to create new concentration camps, is that "censorship?" Is Google being "fascist" by not removing negative news results by our president?

I would hope the answers would both be obviously "no," but those are the claims of NaturalNews' article. "Don't trust what you read, the president does no wrong, private citizens and corporations taking actions is 'fascism' and 'censorship,'" and so on. That's supportive of fascism.


The user count is self-reported at an API endpoint that can be trivially altered to say whatever. You'll find a post and screenshots with the proof of concept from @debugninja first week of July

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