Today the Amazon is burning, and y'all are rightfully upset about that.

But then please, PLEASE, maintain that anger when in 2-3 years, certain goods start to drop in price because of the agriculture set up on this cleared land. Everything from industrial lubricants to fad diets are going to be affected by this, and it's important our consumer decisions don't reward this exploitation.

I can't tell you what specific goods it will be (I mean, I'm going to guess "palm," but who knows) but there's this big disconnect between a lot of consumers and not recognizing the intersection of global events and their smaller behaviors.

Y'know how certain cuisines, are becoming more popular in food service around you, while others are shutting up shop? Have you noticed the boom in Asian food and how there's no Mediterranean restaurants?

That's just the effect of Trump's trade war.

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So much shit is like this, and no, you can't reasonably make an informed decision, and that's not what I'm asking of y'all.

What i mean to ask is that folk recognize that, even if they don't understand it, there's always some more complexity behind every purchase or action. And when you have the energy, it's good to ruminate on that, so you can make sure you're actually comfortable with the choices you're making. <3

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@emsenn Brazilian meat is another thing that will be cheaper -- most of the burning points are used for the cow farmers.

@juliobiason That's a good point: by next fall, beef prices will be a fair bit lower. Combined with the increasing prices of chicken and pork, it's a bad forecast for domestic ranching.

@emsenn really wishing i could schedule a future boost tumblr-style right now

@emsenn The problem with that is that most people are so strapped for cash that they have no choice but to buy whatever they can find.

I'd love to "vote with my dollar", but I simply can't afford to.


Sorry, you're misunderstanding. These goods will not be the cheapest and so what people who must buy the cheapest will buy. They will decrease in price to be obtainable by more consumers. Those consumers shouldn't purchase the goods just because they are now affordable.

@emsenn As mentioned by someone else in the replies, beef prices will end up going down, so yes, it *is* everyday goods that will be affected.

Even if we avoid the luxury stuff, they're still gonna be rewarded.

@KitsuneAlicia Alright, I meant, "These goods will not EXCLUSIVELY be the cheapest."

If you can't do the thing I'm suggesting: maybe the suggestion isn't for you.

(For what it's worth my income is free rent and $200 a month and no government assistance, so I'm always a bit sour on people chastising me for this sort of thing. Yes, I am aware many choices are made for us by lack of money. Many aren't. What's the expression? "Let me have the grace to accept what I cannot change?"

@emsenn Gotcha. My apologies for jumping the gun a bit. Lemme try again:

What would you suggest people do when the prices start going down? We're gonna need a solid plan of action here, since many of these will be marked under the same labels, the same brands that we're already used to seeing.


I think the easiest (or maybe "most general") thing is to be on the look-out for sudden changes in fad dieting and nutritional recommendations, from private and government sources. Those are usually telling of some sort of... let's say plutocratic manipulation of the world.

If X suddenly becomes a superfood... what actually caused that? Was it scientific learning, or subsidies, y'know?

Quinoa is an example here: we changed trade rules so it got cheaper, and so 1/n

@KitsuneAlicia we ended up making it a part of so many diets - restaurants added it to everything, etc.

Folk ended up buying corn just so they could sell more of the quinoa they grew, and then as they didn't have quinoa for their diet, subbed in corn, and that's likely one of the causes of ne south america's diabetes spike.

Er, but I digress: we changed trade rules and without a single new study being done on quinoa, it became a superfood, ancient grain, whatever else.

That's what I look for

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