The latest addition to my garden, the propaganda wall over the compost pile.

I want more posters for it, so please, @ me with recommendations. It's shockingly hard to find usable-resolution IWW posters, for example.

"but emsenn, what's the point of putting up posters like this in a private space?"

1) I enjoy how it looks

2) it makes it clear what sort of space it is

3) random strangers do come through, and to them, #2 is important

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And, pragmatically, #4, it's right over the compost bin so there's nothing for me to clean up as they peel.

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@emsenn Crimethinc has some really nice broadsheet-sized posters for sale.

@drwho Unfortunately I don't have a way to print those at home and most don't scale down well, but I appreciate the recommendation!

(I'll look through their catalog more thoroughly when I have the time, I'm speaking from past experience.)

@emsenn Oh - you want to print them yourself... didn't realize that.

@drwho As a rule of thumb, I'm never going to /want/ to buy anything.

Like literally I'm teaching myself to make plates out of the dirt in my yard.

@emsenn I didn't relaize that's what you had going on. My bad.

@emsenn I wanna see what they look like in a week or two, yeah?

@ajroach42 As bad as posters like this could because they're in an area that gets dirt thrown at it, rained on, hit with direct sun, was dirty when they went down, and the paste itself ended up fairly dirty because of I didn't prep the workstation very well.

@emsenn That was kind of my expectation. I'm curious as to what bad will look like, as I don't have much experience with this style of paste up.

@emsenn glad someone drew the trans lady peeing on the car. Great one :acab:

@interneteh someone here in the fediverse did it and i hope someone @'s them so they can see

@emsenn Do call the IWW office in Chicago. They’d be tickled and no doubt send you some high res images and maybe even more posters. They have all that old stuff on tap, and the last few years digitized a lot of old files and memorabilia.

@Shufei That's a good recommendation! I looked on their website but didn't seem able to find higher-than-thumbnail resolutions of almost any assets. :(

@emsenn They also posted heaps of this stuff at standard pic resolutions on the Chicago Wob Faceborg page a few years back. Might look up the IWW main group, if you are on FB.

@emsenn One has to love and respect the IWW, but good gravy the outfit is often oldschool about infotech, so I grok your frustration.

@Shufei Part of why I wanna get a feel for it is to see if it'd be good to go to the IWW and Fediverse

"hey, you two, meet. Former, let the latter make a beta of your website using tools they'd prefer. Latter, you gripe about how you can't do more. Here, do more."

@emsenn It’s a smashing idea. IWW has a particular way of doing things in time tested manners for obvious reasons... And very blue/pink collar natch. But more and more IT folks are getting in. I think it’s Dept. 400? 450 probably has the goods on tap.

@emsenn The folks at the Industrial Worker paper (a great read) would enjoy your project, and probably print you up.

Industrial Workers of the World
General Headquarters
PO Box 180195, Chicago, IL 60618, USA
tel: (773) 728-0996
Email - ghq [at]
Website - www [at]

@emsenn Aww, thanks, I try! I’ll be watching to see how your wall comes out. Really it’s a lovely notion. Hopefully the wheat glue holds up through some rain.

@Shufei @emsenn

these sorts of posters used to be all over my old town (Reading, England) in the late 1990s and lasted quite well through British weather.

There were political ones, event flyers and some surreal ones such as a halftoned photo of an alsatian dog (no other captions), which appeared in several locations maybe it was someone who made the other posters who proud of their good pupper in the days before people widely shared their pet photos online 😆 🐕

@vfrmedia I feel like I've done a lot of things that make this space feel very like, working-class English, from the posters to the tiny wattle fencing and v small garden plots. @Shufei

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