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I love keto but keto (re)adaption after re-feeding (especially careless refeeding) can cause me problems.

I had a both legs and my back cramp, which put me on the floor, which kicked my core muscles into cramp too.

I've been taking Vitamin D and a B complex, which I think has resulted in higher utilization of minerals, combined with re-adaption, I may be sodium or magnesium deficient. Will increase and hopefully should address the problems.

Diet and Health 

For folks who might say "Wow Keto is not good for you", please realize that I used to have leg cramps very often before keto- sometimes 3x a week. In addition I had other weird symptoms.

On keto I don't have these problems often, but during transition periods when my glycogen stores are being depleted, it's pretty common for me to have spasms or cramps.

This time I also have been taking more vitamins, which may make things worse.


Diet and Health 

@emacsen I always find the "good" "not good" comments funny because like, health is pretty much always relative to our past selves and there's no state of health that isn't preferable to someone coming from some other state of health.

Also your approach toward managing electrolytes sounds like the right thing, from my wikipedia-gained know-how of this stuff.

Diet and Health 

@emsenn I think it might be useful one day for @cwebber and I to talk on the show about our diets. We're similarly built people, both losing weight, but doing so in very different ways.

@cwebber is a vegetarian, and strives for veganism.

My biology struggles with that, and after a decade of experimentation, I've found that a modified ketogenic diet works best for me in terms of helping me feel good, stay energy constant and lose weight.


Diet and Health 

@emacsen You can call the episode the Dietchotomy of Man (I'll see myself out) @cwebber

Diet and Health 


One thing that keto has done for me has given me an introduction to understanding hormones and other factors in the body.

For example I also try to keep a feeding window now of below six hours a day (4 would be ideal), and I pay attention to things like vitamin and mineral levels in a way I hadn't in the past.

Diet and Health 

@emacsen I just hate the term "feeding" you're a human not a cow you eat please. :P

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