So I'm noticing a disturbing trend among left-moderates and leftists, to distinguish between "anti-fascism" and "antifa."

Please don't do this as it simply adds legitimacy to the state's claim that antifa is an organized group and validates its attempts to legislate against it.

Don't hand them dogwhistles to use against us. Antifa is antifascist is antifa.

@emsenn Good point, and it's right there in the full name of the group: Antifascist Action. "Antifa" is just a shortened name for this. They're one and the same.

@ND3JR Well see yes and no. There is the Antifascist Action Network in Germany and similar, but Americans have been saying "antifa" and not meaning any sort of affilitation since at least 2006, and probably a good deal longer.

One can be a member of the Antifa group like one can be a member of the atheist group or the group of people who believe Hydrox are better than Oreo.

@emsenn There is also the possibility that they're crypto-fascists taking up the aesthetics of leftism. I've been seeing an uptick of that lately.

@FreyaManibrandr That's a good thing to bring up! You're right: it might not be sloppy language, but an intentional "affectation" of leftist aesthetic. Thanks for the warning.

(In the situation that prompted this post, it was a genuine well-meaning leftist, but, still, you're quite right.)

@emsenn Yeah, they could very well be fooled by one too. I was on my guard ever since I got tipped off that the AltFurs are taking on the leftist identities to try to wedge antifa furs from other more moderate leftist furs.

Reminder that they have tried to gaslight me to scare me away from antifa, which ended up with me eventually deciding to be antifa.

@FreyaManibrandr Posts like this kinda make me wish I was into furry culture because it seems even more tumultuous than like, ecowarrior subculture.

@emsenn Fascists prey on the socially disenfranchised and vulnerable, the furry community is full of vulnerable people trying to take life on day by day.

I was one of those people who got gaslit for years, and only recently got pulled out and de-programmed from the brainwashing, thanks to loving people in my life, and leftists who stuck their necks out and reached out to me.

@emsenn Anyone trying to distinguish between anti-fascist and antifa should be suspected of being closet fascists, in exactly the same way that TERFs try to distinguish themselves from feminists.

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