So I'm back to using Org-mode for stuff and I'm trying to suss out how to have an "Exchange" page on my website where I just list the various things I have that I'd be willing to exchange for other things, and things that I want to acquire.

And I'm not quite sure how to organize it because there's things like say lettuce that I produce and maintain a stock of (albeit small, I am one humble urban gardener), but so I'll probably not want to accept someone else's lettuce. 1/n

Tangent: a big part of my motivation here is that I am always saying that there needs ot be a Scrap Exchange every few blocks (look them up, it's great, here in neighboring city Durham,) and well, if I keep saying a thing needs to exist, I should do what I can to make that happen. And honestly, I maintain an inventory of a lot of the same sort of stuff. Like I have canvases that already have art on them, ready to be re-primed and painted over. A milk crate full of toilet paper rolls. 2/n

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And just, lots of... stuff, for what helps with crafting and doing stuff around the house in a way that means I don't always have to keep buying stuff.

And so if I just catalog what I have and will accept, and put it online, that's already a big step toward making a "scrap exchange" available for my local area - at least within my limited definition of what "scrap" I'll accept.

But if every homecrafter in the area did similar, that'd be a lot of places you could drop stuff off - 3/n

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not to be recyled, but to be reused. (I think of "reduce, reuse, recycle," as a hierarchy: you should strive to reduce waste, if you can't, reuse it, and if you can't, recycle it.)

And like it'd be handy to the local activist groups to know hey they can come here and pick up old political signs to paint over, or whatever else. Herbs, lettuce, craft supplies, sometimes spare wood and furniture.

And I'd be able to request funky things in exchange that accepting money wouldn't ever get me, 4/n

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because there's some stuff you just can't buy. Like, I'll trade you a half-pound of dried rosemary for 10 matching worms collected from within the same 100 square meter area, if you can tell me where that area is.

Same sort of deal for mosses.

I know this sounds weird, and weirdly ambitious, but it's really just a matter of formatting this in a sensible way on a webpage. Which brings me back to OP: any notions for how you would do such a diverse page of content? 5/5

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@cwebber this thread has a bit about my next "cool project" which is really just letting other people use my project supplies.

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@emsenn 2 columns, things you're looking for, things you have. But they don't have to have any relationship, that would be too constraining, I think.

@pizza_pal @emsenn I agree with this format. I think it'd be the easiest to parse as a reader

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