No but really I can't advocate enough how great it is growing my own sprouts. It's a constant supply of green crispy healthfulness and it's nice to take seeds and turn them into food even on a small scale.

I encourage everyone to give it a shot!


All you need to grow your own vitamin-packed sprouts at home is a jar or plastic cup, preferably clear, and a cloth to cover it, and some way to keep the cloth fastened on, like a rubber band or hairtie.

Do you have those things? Want to try growing sprouts? DM me an address and next Monday I'll post you an envelope containing heirloom-y, non-GMO, open-source seeds that you can use to try it out, at no cost to you.

(Offer valid for the first, say... 60 respondents.)

(Boosts encouraged.)

Actions like the above are made possible with the support of humans like you. Thank you!

If you want to support stuff like this, and other attempts to encourage stuff like agroecology, self-sufficiency, and community organization, please consider donating

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Once I get people hooked on sprouts I'm going to introduce them to shooting peas which are honestlly one of my favorite greens to grow, but that's in part because I just really like the taste of green beans, I guess?

(Yes I know I said they're peas, they taste like green beans, shrug.)

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I told my partner about this post and their conclusion was "you can't fight capitalism if you can't fight scurvy."

Eat your vitamins!

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Hey folks!

Last week I said that come Monday, I'd be sending out envelopes with seeds for a bunch of folk.

Well, it's Monday, and... I'm not going to be able to get to the post office today. A tenant's hot water has gone out, and I hope none of you mind me prioritizing that over getting these stamps.

Good news is, that means there's more time for folk to send me their address! Click this post to see OP where I explain more, but I'll mail you seeds to grow healthful sprouts in a jar.

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@emsenn I have been researching growing at least some of my own food in my flat. I don't particularly like sprouts though, do you have any other suggestions or places to look for guides?

I have lots of basil on the window sill and have really enjoyed looking after them.

@Rhosyn This book is the best resource on the topic that I know of:

But basically: you can grow a lot of things to about 2 weeks old at high density for good yield of edible leaves.

I'm waiting on a compost container to finish but plan on doing lots with microgreens this winter, since I can't just throw lettuce seed anywhere on the ground outside and have it grow when it's that cold out, lol.

@emsenn your comms processes are stronger than most companies I work with.

@gnomon This means a lot to me; I take my obligations to this sort of work seriously and am glad to see that comes across.

@gnomon (Like I try and treat being a "union agitator" and "community organizer" as seriously as folk take "being an auto mechanic" or "being a heart surgeon", because i think there aren't nearly enough people doing that and the very fact it sounds ridiculous to say I'm committing myself to such work (that we all generally agree is necessary) demonstrates how, I think, it is important i throw myself into it, even if it is a bit performative at times. :D

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