The GM strike is at a crossroads: will a trade union once again betray the working class, or will the members of that union expand their efforts across the automotive industry and push the issue further?

I'm hoping for the latter, but I'm not hopeful.

The investor class and corporations are coordinating as they see this as one of the last opportunties the working class will have to assert control over industry before we are, as a whole, too impoverished and unwell to offer resistance.

Things aren't going to get easier or better; not unless we work for it, right now.

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Hey uh maybe I didn't phrase OP strongly enough but:

Car-makers, the stock exchange, and trade unions are all coordinating to break any attempt by any worker in any industry to gain rights.

Oppressive powers are coordinating to suppress your ability to seek liberation.

Don't think you need liberation? So you vote on your boss, then? Business hours? Compensation and benefits? No, all that is DICTATED by a capitalist class?

You need liberation.

Show solidarity with the GM workers.

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