The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) have an important message for you at work this Monday:


Respect yourselves, protect yourselves

The hours are long,
the pay is small,
so take your time,
and buck them all.


Did your boss work for every penny of his paycheck, or is some of that coming from your labor? Remember that the next time you think about "working hard:" you aren't paid for all the work you do anyway; why give away more for free?


@hummingrain I bet this gave you conflicted feelings given your productivity goals and need to reach them to have time to work on homework, huh?

For you, personal advice: Work as hard as you need to to do the schoolwork because that's going to help with your survival and that's important.

Gets sort of violent towards my employer at the end whoops 

@emsenn That's pretty much my exact plan every day. Only do enough to meet baseline, then stop working and do other shit.

Some days my mental health is shitty and I can't focus, so the work takes the whole day anyway. But when it doesn't, I'm not going to let them wave a bread crust in my face to get me to do something when if I go off somewhere else I can get a full meal.

And then come back.

And bite their hand off at the wrist.

Gets sort of violent towards my employer at the end whoops 

@hummingrain "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" begs the question of why you're letting a hand you wanna bite feed you, and I'm glad you're asking that question.

Gets sort of violent towards my employer at the end whoops 

@emsenn Always question authority, even when it's your own. Perhaps especially then.

The problem with asking why someone else is in charge is you realize that at least half the time authority is a bullshit result of circumstance. And then you get really grumpy at all authority. Like me >_>

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