Can someone @ me with some good resources my friend can read about contemporary British neocolonialism?

Please and thank you!

Honestly surprised that with six boosts I haven't gotten any answer but I guess that makes me feel better for not having any myself.

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@emsenn You are talking about today, yes? As in Thatcherite adventures and its echoes in both Tory and New Labour foreign policy? Primarily in Iraq and such, or comprehensive with other theatres?

@emsenn By Jove, it’s a good question. I’ve read a thousand think pieces hither and yon, but not a compleat survey with wider view. Tensions with and in the “special relationship” since Bretton-Woods, maybe.

Haha, this is probably symptomatic of the situation Britain faces today, as well as the limits of education for some of us proles.

I’ll keep abreast of this inquiry.

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