For #PronounsDay I followed Jamie's lead and used spec microformats to mark pronouns on my site Thanks #IndieWeb!

<span class="p-x-pronoun-nominative">he</span>/<span class="p-x-pronoun-oblique">him</span>/<span class="p-x-pronoun-possessive">his</span>
Happy #PronounsDay! My pronouns are he/him/his, and you can read them programmatically on my website (using #Microformats), as …

@david Hey so I don't know if I'm missing it but I don't actually see this anyplace?

@emsenn In the sidebar on my site for my little bio I included the markup. Or do you mean the spec?


@david I see the "spec" (proposal), I just don't see, on your live site, any use of the word "pronoun" anywhere in the source code.

@david I wonder why I'm not! Anyway, I'm glad you did it because I'm going ot add the same to my hcard (which I'm restructuring to be a paragraph.)

Slowly, slowly, I'll end up with the website I want.

@emsenn I like what you've done so far! If there's anything that you'd want help with, or another set of eyes, I'm game!

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