Today my partner went with me to the farmer's market to pick up our share of veggies, and they had a nice time (which they didn't, last time - I cook for us so food shopping isn't the most interesting thing.) The farm we're members of threw in some extra lettuce for free, which was really nice of them, and convinced me to donate to them my extra compost and fertilizer this spring.

I really love that the source of many of my vegetables is a community, not a company, who's express purpose is preserving and continuing their culture, not pursuing profit.

Like it's a group of people who, in the face of a violent and rapid genocide, organized immigrating halfway across the world, purchased land for themselves, and refused to give up their culture - including its focus on agrarianism.

What a bad-ass story for my stir-fry to have.

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Photos of this week's haul of veggies. Radishes, carrots, bok choy, lettuce, arugula, spinach, collards, cabbage, potatoes

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@emsenn I love this. are they mostly one ethnic group or from all over Burma? we lived near the Karen and they were very generous and hospitable.

@technomancy I'm not sure - it doesn't say in their marketing stuff and I haven't had an opportunity to ask.

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