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Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind parast.at

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@parastat As someone who has had to deal with copyright issues on software far too many times, I beg you to reconsider your choice of license. The only way to enforce it is to invoke state violence anyway and it ignores models of worker-owned cooperatives that divest profits into the community.

I run a Pleroma instance for our hackerspace @57n and was wondering if this might be something to consider switching to when it matures (not that Pleroma has been a problem so far) but after reading that license I nope'd right out of there.

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@irl @57n would you be able to clarify why you think CNPL ignores worker-owned rights in a few words (or more if you have the spoons)?

We are actually aiming for worker-owned cooperative to play a part in the ecosystem for and around parastat

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@parastat Sure, 4)e)ii) talks about restrictions on the operation of the worker-owned enterprise that profits must be distributed among the worker-owners.

I know of at least one worker co-op that pays salaries to staff, and if they do make a profit beyond what they need to put aside for emergencies or re-invest in their enterprise, they divest it to the local community.

A worker co-op that divests profit to the worker-owners is essentially a capitalist enterprise, and does not exist for the benefit of the community. Your license terms would forbid community interest enterprises from using your software.

See chapter 22 of https://blackcat.coop/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Black-Cat-Handbook-V4.2.pdf

More generally, your license is a huge wall of text. I am not a lawyer.

When I look at your license, I see the threat of state violence being used against me in ways that I don't understand, because I'm not a lawyer. That alone makes me want to avoid your software. I'd be playing your game, but I don't understand the rules.

re: Fedi Meta 

@irl I love these last two paragraphs.

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