earlier today a tenant complained about their noisy upstairs neighbors and I said "they're from australia, maybe sound travels the opposite directions there and they thought since no one is above them there wouldn't be a problem"

and the tenant said

"that's a good point"

...I gotta work on my deadpan delivery. it is apparently too deadpan.

I wonder what sort of silly stuff I agree with because the person saying it said it matter-of-factly and I was not actually listening.

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@emsenn if an Aussie had been there, they would have nodded sagely and backed you up. One thing I've learned from my Aussie friends: they love a good put-on or piss-take.

@WanderingBeekeeper these australians are some of the most dour folk i've met, not just by australian standards, so i bet they would've snidely said something about how bad american education is that i would think that

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