MUD Milestone:

Two people were (briefly) talking to each other while I wasn't even logged in.

Also someone called the names of places in my setting "heartfelt" which is honestly one of the nicest words someone could have used to describe them. The place names /are/ heartfelt, lovingly chosen and polished with care.


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@emsenn It feels like this is a dear project for you, something personal. That is a precious thing. We are honoured that you share it with the world.

@Shufei I think the thing I like about it is because it's been such a long-in-progress work, there's a level of interplay and intricacy that isn't common in fantasy worlds... at this level of trivialness.

Fantasy worlds have vast complex interconnected elven families and their landholdings that influence whatever and this and that...

Mine, there was a flood some years back making this one grape more abundant so people don't appreciate wine from that region as much so cider from anoth...

@emsenn I’d push back calling it “trivial”, old chap. I hazard there is an unplumbed niche for this as MUD, given the popularity of farm simulators and such. Not everyone wants yet another Tolkien rip-off with orcs and leet loot. Frankly, your notion of a gentler quotidian resource rpg is more enticing to me, at all rates.

@Shufei I appreciate that - trivial wasn't quite the word Imeant, but I coudln't figure out how to work "mundane" into the sentence I'd written.

Like I care more about where these towns get their drinking water and lamp oil than who their king is. The people in the towns care more about that, after all.

I do think I'm filling a direly empty niche in terms of fiction and it makes me sad/anxious/happy


@Shufei I haven't figured out how to say this in a way that doesn't sound conceited, but honestly part of what I want to do with a MUD is let people see the world around them the way I see the world, the real world, around me. Look at that sand in the gutter. No one must have swept here in a while. The sand is glittery. There must be some mineral in the dirt here. What else can we learn from looking at the dirt? Are the bricks here the same color as the dirt, or are the imported?

@Shufei Someone calls out selling veggies at the farmers market, but WHY are they calling out, WHO are they calling out to. WHO reacts? The world is /so dense with information/ and we throw so muhc of it out in favor of more important things like feeling anxious about what our coworker has said.

We don't have to do that. I want there to be a space where folk are encouraged to not do that

@emsenn This is the seed of a worthy manifesto. Sincerely. I’d challenge that many of us are hungry for just this sort of curiosity-rich environment. Weave away on that! It will only help things, however far you want to take this concept. I can see it will be a challenge to embody that in a MUD. But frankly, I haven’t seen it done with any seriousness, so you do have a real opening here for something new.

Regardless, it’s indeed heartfelt, and that is a joy.

@Shufei I appreciate you not making me feel silly for taking my pointedly silly fantasy world so seriously.

(It is a silly place, I mean, with characters like Barnabus Trent of Bellybrush and Aldous Honeyfern of Ack.)

@emsenn Silly... I’d say potentially classic. Wandering about I thought, “It reminds me of a Baum book” (Wizard of Oz and such).

If Tolkien can have his Tom Bombadil, no doubt it’s couth to have an Aldous Honeyfern.

@Shufei "What if the Lord of the Rings were written by Pippin instead of Frodo"

It's great hearing that I'm managed to convey the aesthetic I have in mind with what's there already: means I'll only be making it better and more polished as I go on, not having to try and still GET there.

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