Hundreds of tenants in public housing in Durham have been displaced due to carbon monoxide exposure. Conditions in public housing in Durham have been absolutely appalling for a long time, and this latest indignity is only the most immediately lethal issue these folks have had to cope with.

(More details in link and followup post)

Donations receivable at

(I'm rebroadcasting this on behalf of the local DemSocs)

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Rats and roaches, black mold and backed up sewage are all insults levied against the people living in properties run by the Durham Housing Authority, and not just at McDougald Terrace.

There's absolutely no justification for what the people living in DHA properties are dealing with right now. Safe housing is a fundamental human right, and as socialists we have an obligation to lend whatever support we can to those who are being forced to live in unsafe situations like this one.

DO YOU LIVE IN or the surrounding : or or ?

Right now it is just one person organizing this emergency relief effort, and they need help!

If you can volunteer labour or donate material goods, please email

^-- This is copy-pasted from the local Democratic Socialists of America branch; I'd say we as humans have an obligation to lend that support, and for the curious I mostly identify as anarcho-syndicalist if askd.

Oh hell I didn't make this clear: Donations are receivable through PayPal at

@emsenn thx for putting out this call. i'm going to forward it to some folks who might be able to help.

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