Someone tried to connect to my MUD via their browser and because of how character creation works right now, that kind of worked so there's now a player standing in Crossed Candles Inn with the user name "GET / HTTP/1.1"

wow i never expected this post to be so popular

@emsenn I'm working on a MUD-like thing that you connect to over SSH

@emsenn MorgenGrauen, the MUD I always used to play (and sometimes still do) always prints HTTP/1.0 302 Found and a Location header at the top when you connect, before the actual MUD welcome message. When I was younger, I shrugged it off, but eventually I realised it is to prevent exactly this.

@emsenn I ran a moo not too long ago and wanted to make something that caused all the bots trying to get into my server to create a character and otherwise interact with the world as an art project

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