Me, late fall: I'm going to plant a vegetable garden

Everyone: winter will kill it!

Me: if it doesn't, will you admit that the climate is changing?

Everyone: Haha sure!

*it is now mid-january*

*I still have happy pea plants in containers and even the collards in the ground are doing just fine*

Me: welllll?

Everyone: No I won't come join the protest against our local coal power plant there's a musician playing in town I'd really like to see.

@emsenn Apathy from the working class is how the ruling class became the ruling class in the first place, and now it's resulting in a massive genocide the likes of which haven't been seen since the dinosaurs went extinct.


me: *points out to a white person how their actions will lead to our extinction as a species*

them: but i gotta work!

me: *points out how their actions are leading to their developing arthritis in their 20s*


@InvaderXan *eating fresh self-grown pea shoots far grumpier than anyone should be doing such a delightful activity*

@InvaderXan ALSO wow that display name that profile pic it's poison ivy right?

Wonderful wonderful

@emsenn Yes it is. Because she's the icon we all need in these trying times!

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